Business Advice

Got a great idea for a start up? Perhaps you have a successful business and its time to retire.

Should I remain as a sole trader? Not sure if you should incorporate? For start-ups, we can give advice to help you ensure that your idea succeeds. Conversely, it could be that the business is not fairing as well as it once was, or that you fancy a new challenge.

Do you sell the business, do you close it, do you hand it over to family, or do you attempt to identify any problems and turn the business around? Your decision may be to conduct a member’s voluntary liquidation, or perhaps you may have to go through a compulsory liquidation. You may have heard the term ‘Exit planning’ in relation to many of the aforementioned scenarios.

We are constantly building and reviewing our extensive network of professionals which includes mortgage brokers, solicitors, insolvency specialists, and other loan providers to help you take that (sometimes very difficult) next step.

We will advise as to your options, and make those necessary introductions so that you are able to increase your chances of making the best decision possible.

If in doubt, talk to us.

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